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  • With regards to Paul Bisby’s catalogues,the prices listed are the highest prices paid for that item on ebay.Ebay is an auction site,just the same as many auction houses around Australia,it only takes two people bidding on the same item and the price gets better and better BUT if there is only one bidder then the price is drastically lower,therefor Pauls book nor Carters price guide are really accurate.Should an item be selling in a capitol city or major town,the selling price will be higher than if the same thing is being sold in a tiny country village,more people means higher prices and less people means lower prices.As for the invalid feeder,one has just sold on ebay for $8.49,having said that it is the lowest price I have seen.

    • This comment is from someone who knows what he’s talking about. Hope to hear more from you soon!

  • With regard to the Invalid Feeder, Paul Bisbeys book tells me that it is worth $75.00.


    • Thanks Barbara. Did I hear that the Western Australia Historical Society were looking for information about the invalid feeder recently? Paul Bisbey’s book is very handy.

  • I cannot belive it! I have the “Gecko Platter” and have been searching for a pic of the same one for simply ages.

    • Thank you for your comment. This is one of my favourite pieces. The colours and the lustre are wonderful. It is one of those ‘hard to find pieces’. Love to hear more about your collection.

  • We are fortunate to own the “mud crab on pink shell” platter which was given to us by our Nana some 20 years ago. We thought it was hideous until we discovered it was Wembley. We also own a “seagull on waves bowl” (larger than the ashtray version I have seen). Both are in great condition. Unfortunately we suffered storm damage recently – and now have to consider selling these treasured items to pay for repairs. Can you give me some idea of what they are worth – and if there are many around. Naturally – we are reluctant to part with them.

    • Sorry to hear about your storm damage. It’s a pity you might have to part with your Wembley Ware.
      It is not easy to put a price on items, but many collectors make purchases on Ebay so a look at Wembley Ware on this auction website will give you an idea of values. Prices are always dependant on the condition and if the figure is gold-plated the value will be increased. The mud-crab platter is fairly rare which increases the value. The seagull items are more common, and they are popular with collectors. You should have no trouble selling these pieces.

  • have a Wembley Ware, ‘Large Dhufish’ company mark on base and in excellent condition. It was a wedding present that my mother received in the 50′s. I was wondering what it was worth.

    I hope your museum comes to fruitation.

    • Hello Jenni. Thanks for your support for the museum. The dhufish appears to be the most recognised item of Wembley Ware, although it’s not the most valuable. As well as the magestic appearance, the lustre and colours are about as good as they get!
      I am not an expert in valuations but I would expect to pay at least $200 for one in good condition. Hopefully others who read this will give their opinions too.
      Having such wonderful provenance as you have with your dhufish adds to it’s charm. I love to know the stories behind Wembley Ware items.

  • Thank you for your feedback.

  • I hope your dream comes to fruition

    • Thank you Kim. With so many people hoping for a museum on the AFC site I beleive it is possible!

  • I have just realised that all the lovely lustre vases and etc that my mum had is Wembley Ware and I always wanted to be a collector. My dad sold a dhu fish vase for $5.00 at his garage sale (mum has passed) and did not offer it to me. I am endeavouring to purchase one for my beginning collection, and what a way to start!

    • Aha, the dhu fish! This is the piece most people recognise as Wembley Ware. Probably like you, because their parents/ grandparents had one. There are two sizes 18cm and 28cm. Let us know when you find one!

  • Spot on with this write-up, I truly think this website needs much more consideration. I’ll probably be again to read much more, thanks for that info.

  • I have ‘inherited’ what I now know is an invalid feeder. Stamp on the bottom says: Made in Australia, Bristile, Super vitrified hotel china, 6/80
    Can you shed any further light on when this was made and it’s value please? It’s kind of a nice collectible I thought I might keep! (It looks very much like the one seen in your website photos of the table with the bright blue tablecloth).
    Many thanks!

    • Thank you for your enquiry. I would think that the ’80′ on the stamp indicates that this feeder was made in 1980. It is hard to say what its value might be, but it is definitely worth keeping. Wembley Ware made feeders like this too.

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