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  • Hi, I recently purchased the Wembley Dhufish ashtray (17cms long). It is in excellent condition. I picked it up from the local markets. Appreciate if anyone can advise me of its current worth as I will sell it on. Regards Robyn (Townsville, QLD).

    • Thanks for the photo Robyn – it is the small dhufish lying down and they can go from $150.00 upwards.
      No there isn’t any listed at the moment and there hasn’t been for a while as there are not any in the completed listings on ebay either.
      Good luck and let us know if we can be of further help.

  • Hi all
    I have a lustre koala ashtray with hollow stump beside the Koala. What do you think it is worth please?

    • Hi there Louise the best bet is to look up ebay under Wembley Ware and see how much they are
      listed for – also look in completed listings for items that have finished.
      The prices vary as to the demand at the time.
      It would probably be $40 upwards
      Hope this helps

  • Hi Peeps
    Have a Wembley Ware eagle ashtray with rabbit…it is not gold lustre
    it is painted a yellowy brown…does anyone know anything of this one..
    has the wembley ware name imprinted underneath..
    any help would be greatfull
    thanx Jan

    • Hi Jan – there is one on ebay at the moment – it is up to $40 odd dollars
      and still over a day to go.
      Keep an eye on it………..

  • I have acquired a 24.5 cm diameter round plate featuring a row of 3 terrace style houses, two of which have red striped awnings over the lower level windows. There is also a small round table in the foreground with a wine bottle and glass on it, and shaded by 2 umbrellas. The border of the plate is green. The backstamp states WEMBLEY QUALITY WARE in circle form around the B&W symbol and with a crown over the top. The back is also marked 5C or 5L in black.
    I am interested to know when this plate might have been made and who would have decorated it. Is it worth selling it?
    Thanks for your forum

  • Hi – Chairman Mo collects Anzac tins and there is one being sold by Aldi in the East (we don’t have Aldi
    over here in the West.
    any members out there willing to get him one (eat the biscuits) and then send the
    tin over for him please – all to be re-imbursed by his loving wife!!!
    Thanks Lee

  • I have found a piece of Wembley Ware but I’m not sure if it’s decorative only or is a functional piece. It’s made to look like a boat deck and has a female figure at the wheel. Could anyone help identify it’s use please?

    • Hi there – looks like you may have the sailor girl ashtray – If you go to china groups on the right hand
      side of this page and click on ashtrays you should see a photograph of that ashtray.
      They were generally not used as an ashtray but for a decorative piece.
      They are highly collectable to the Wembley Ware collectors.
      Please email if you would like any further information.

    • Thanks Lee, I’m afraid both arms on the girl were broken at some stage and have been glued roughly in place. I would think this reduces it’s value significantly but it may be able to be mended professionally. Do you have anyone you could recommend I take the piece to for assessment please?

  • Hi there
    I have some Wembley Ware that belonged to my Mother who passed away last year. There are 2 Kangaroos (no chips or cracks); a rabbit & lettuce leaf plate which has crazing and a small “stain” mark but no cracks or chips and 1 budgerigar ashtray (plain white) which has crazing and a very small chip under one of the wings so it is not noticeable.
    I also have a little green (variegated) jug which I think is Wembley Ware but it only has the numbers “139″ on the bottom and no stamp mark, so if anyone knows anything about this would appreciate the info.
    My Step-Father used to work at Metropolitan Water & Sewerage Board (now Water Corp) near the Wembley Ware Factory and he used to bring home bits and pieces all the time. I know my Mum had lots of the different coloured crockery but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any of this left now.

    I would like to sell these items, so if anyone is interested I can forward photos if required. My email address is
    Thanks Wendy

    • Hi Wendy
      I am interested in the kangaroos that you have for sale. Could you tell me if they are the male or the female
      Many Thanks

    • Wendy – do you have any lotus – desert bowls – comportes as Christine is looking for some.

  • Great meeting on Saturday – Clodagh kept us all guessing with the quiz
    and had a spirited auction!!!!
    An interesting and informative talk by Joy on handpainted ware.
    Lovely to meet you Lorraine and we do hope we will see you again.
    There were friendly faces and a beaut afternoon tea put on once
    again by Cherryl.
    Thank you all

  • Hi there,

    I have just bought an OWL LAMP for $5.00 from a garage sale with lamp shade which I am thinking is not the original shade. Owl Lamp is identical to the one on page (61) in the Wembley Ware 1946-1961 book by Paul Bisby.


    I have read the history that Calyx Porcelain, Wembley Ware, Bristile and Australian Fine China. Changed their name to H.L. Brisbane & Wunderlich Ltd in 1938

    Apparently Ruby Neevay started work as an artist for H.L. Brisbane & Wunderlich same time as the name change.

    Would like to know more about this Owl Lamp, was he made in the 1940′s and who made him as he is definitely a great looking owl. His eyes light up as well as the lamp shade. How cool is that!

    Oh yes, how much is he worth?

    Thanks for any info

    • Hi Diane – wow how lucky are you!!!!
      Great find and fantastic bargain.
      The owl lamp could have been made anytime during years the
      factory was operating – to my knowledge there is no way of
      knowing the exact year – another member may have more
      information on that.
      To be able to say if the shade may be the original this site does
      not have the facility to post a photo but you could send a photo
      to and we would then pass it around the
      members to have a look at.
      The owls usually fetch in the 100′s.
      Hope this helps.
      Some other members may like to comment.

  • Hi everyone,

    I am selling a Wembley Ware frog. I have considered selling it on eBay or Gumtree but my daughter says it would be unsafe and has recommended this site. He is in perfect condition, no chips or scratches etc.
    Please send me an email if you are interested. Selling from Perth metro area.

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Lorraine – how did you go with your frog?
      Love to have an update.

      • I have tried your email address Lorraine but it keeps coming back
        Could you please email me at
        Thanks Lee

        • Hi Lee,

          I’m sorry that you’ve had trouble trying to contacting me. That is the correct email address, so I don’t know why it is not working. Try my daughters email account,


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