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282 Responses to Old Forum – Historical Only

  • Hello, as a long time Wembley Ware collector I thought I’d let other collectors know of the Etsy shop I’ve just opened to sell some of the collection. There is only a few pieces at the moment, but more will be going up almost daily.

    If you are looking for a particular piece, large or small, I welcome questions via Etsy.

    Etsy shop link:

    Regards … Jennifer Ryan

    • Please note all members
      We are currently having a new webs site developed so all posts may have to be done again.
      We look forward to hearing from you and any input from either members or committee members
      would be appreciated.
      I am sure a lot of you out there have knowledge you could share.
      Come on – give it a go !!!

    • We started our Etsy shop more slowly than we expected, but we now have several Wembley Ware items in stock at the moment.

      Check them out at

  • Hi every one.. I am after some general advice..Can any one tell me how much a twin vase would be worth. Thanks for your time..

    • Hi Kelly – without a picture hard to say what vase you mean.
      Is it like two tubes coming up from one stem?
      If it is – it is modelled on a tree stump.
      It would depend on whether it has a lustre finish, has a pattern painted on it
      Can you send a photo to please
      Many thanks Lee

  • I have some small eggshelllike blue tea cups with gold rims & handles with a flying seagull on them. They seem quite old& are stamped wembley- do you have a record of this set?

    • Hi Nicky – if you could send a photo of them to
      we could show it to the members and see what they think.
      We personally have not seen them.
      We would love to be able to help you.
      Kind thoughts

  • I have some small blue eggshell like cups with gold rims & handles, with a flying seagull on them. They are marked wembley & seem quite old- do you have sny record of them?

  • Hello again!
    Thank you to all the members who attended the AGM yesterday. Will we ever forget the Harlequin Kookaburra or the Calyx container? What great finds! The auction was very interesting also and wasn’t it lovely to be there to celebrate Lee’s birthday!
    The committee look forward to seeing you and your friends at the Cannington Antiques and Collectables Fair, Sunday 21.9.14 from 9.45am to 3pm. The specific address is Cannington Exhibition Centre, Cnr Station St and Albany Highway.

    • Hi All – well Mo mucking up and having the meeting on my birthday actually turned out to be the best!!!!
      Pressies and a gorgeous cake, being surrounded by like minded people (what more can a girl ask for).
      Really thank you everyone for your kind wishes and Kaye my birthday cake not only looked gorgeous but tasted yummy.
      (Sharon who bought the goodies – you were asking about a Paul Bisby book – there is one listed on ebay at
      the moment) I would also love to have your email address.
      Once again members please write in with anything of interest so we can put it in our newsletter and any ideas for future
      events or showings would be very much appreciated.

  • Hello. I just wondered if my Nan’s fish platter was collectible. It is wembley ware and had the ship name M V KOOLAMA in gold letters written on the stomach of the fish.

    • Oh it’s a pink snapper type

    • Hi Taz – thank you for your interest.
      Any chance of a photo to (all lower case)
      Yes it is definitely worth having in a collection.
      Maybe some of the other members may like to comment.
      If you can send a photo it would be great as we can then pass it onto the other members.
      At this stage we are unable to post photo’s as the web site does not have provision for them but we are
      in the process of having a new web site developed so in the future photo’s will be posted.
      Hope this helps

  • Hello all,
    On Sunday 21.9.14 the WW committee will be manning a table at the Cannington Antique Show (Greyhounds, Albany Highway). Our purpose is to promote interest in Wembley Ware and hopefully get more members to join our wonderful group. Come along and say g’day – maybe you’ll also find that piece you’ve always wanted!

  • Hello all

    I have what I believe to be a Wembley Ware marron dish

    It is a lovely black marron, with a nice pearl lustre shell. I know this design was made by Wembley as it is under their functional ware section on this site.

    Issue is I cannot find a Wembley Ware marking anywhere on the base at all.

    Any ideas? Did wembley necessarily mark all pieces or could it have rubbed off?


    • Hello Simon – no they were not all marked – some of the pieces have foil stickers which could have been the case with your marron
      It probably washed off or was taken off over the years.
      We are having a Wembley Ware general meeting on the Saturday 23rd of August at the Shenton Park Civic Centre
      240 Onslow Street Shenton Park.
      Would love you to come.

  • Hi, I am currently in search of some wembley ware dessert bowls. They are shaped like a tulip/lotus. Range in colours with a shiny finish. If anyone knows where I could start my search it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Christine – some have just sold on ebay – maybe some of the other members will know.
      Just keep looking on gumtree and ebay and in second hand or antique shops.
      Good luck and keep us informed.

    • Hi Christine some have just gone on ebay – you could have a look at them and see if they are what
      you are after.

  • I have found an ashtray in the shape of Australia surrounded by ocean blue in colour, with names of towns and a picture of the Australian Native Stockman smoking a pipe on the inside. I have looked everywhere to find out the value. You are my last hope, do you any idea? Please help..

    • Hello Shelley – I have looked on the listings on ebay and also the completed listings and one
      has not been sold for quite a while.
      If it is in mint condition it would probably go for $100 upwards but it all depends on who wants
      it at the time.
      This is only an estimate.
      Some of our other members may like to comment.
      Good luck

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