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  • Hi Gemma,I think that I know the vase you are refering to but if you could email me a photo then I can be more specific.Email to “”
    Best wishes

  • I have a vase of my grandmothers and was curious about it, it has Wembley ware marked on the bottom but is different to the other wembley ware I have seen online. The vase has a beautiful multicoloured, mosaic-like pattern on it in quite bright colours and two openings at the top. I’ve always liked it and would love to know more about it. I can take a photo and email it to you if that would help.

    • Hi I have one of these vases too. Did you find out what it is called and do you have any idea what it would be worth?

      • Hi Marilyn – we believe the vase is called “Modern”
        Once recently went on ebay (different pattern) and didn’t sell for $195
        It all depends on who wants one at the time.
        Hope this helps
        Kind thoughts

  • Have a 27cm Dhufish vase with Wembley ware stamped on the bottom, it was my grandmothers and is in very good condition, just wondering how much I could sell it for and where I could sell it, a funny looking man at the Antique shop told me they used to give them away as prizes at the Easter Show and it was only worth $30, I think he was telling me fibs

    • Hello Karen.
      Your dhufish vase is a piece of family history as well as Western Australian history.
      Wembley Ware was made when ‘grandma was a girl’, made between 1946 and 1961 actually. It was a popular wedding present at that time. The man in the antique shop could be right that Wembley Ware was given as prizes at the Royal Show, although I am told that some of it was seconds. Perhaps the dhufish vase was worth $30 back then, but they are worth considerably more than this now as you will see if you look at the prices the large dhufish vase is reaching on eBay. This is a good guide to what price you can expect to get for your dhufish.
      Paul Bisby’s collector’s guide puts the highest price of $330 (reached in 2006) for the large dhufish vase.

  • Hi Leonie,we would need some photo’s to give you an idea or alternativly you could check out ebay to see what they are asking for the same sort of thing.Any defect will deter buyers from paying top dollars but on ebay there is usually a buyer for everything.

  • hi i have a all white horse ash tray wembley ware any ideas on going price?
    i see the gold ones are common thanks

    • Hello Steven, There are several different styles of ‘horse ashtray’ – one with the horse lying on an ashtray with a sharp front , another with the horse lying on a horsehoe shaped ashtray, and also one with the horse lying on a rounded -triangular shaped ashtray. The chess knight ashtray has a horse standing on it’s rear legs on a circular ashtray. All measure about 11cm height.
      There’s the Phar Lap ashtray too which has the horses head in a shield and a horseshoe on a circular ashtray.
      Can you describe the white ashtray which you have please?
      I’m sure someone will tell us whether they come in both white and gold. When it comes to the value, eBay is probably the best guide to the prices, and Paul Bisby’s book is always handy.

      • I have a few Wembley Ware items one of them being the Jumping Fish. It is missing a small piece of the end of his tail and I was wondering how this would affect the value . I also have a Rabbit on Lettuce Leaf with Tomatoes and a Angel Fish which is cream in colour with black stripes on a green stand which I haven’t been able to find any information on.
        I would greatly appreciate hearing from you as I am looking at selling these items.
        Thanking You

  • Hi Jane,best place to start is by contacting Susan at “” and if she doesn’t have any copies then try ebay as they always seem to be listed at least once a month.If you would like to join our group and receive newsletters,just let Susan know and she will put you on our list.Good luck with your collecting and if you have any questions that you need help with ,let us know and we will do our best to answer it/them.

  • hi.i have just started collecting some wembley ware items,but i really need a collectors price guide by paul bisby,can you help me please

  • We have an extensive collection of wembley ware,and are wanting to sell .Anyone who is interested can email me
    for more information.
    Hope to hear from you soon regards Chris

  • Hi was just trying to find out a bit of information about a plate that came from my husbands great uncle and I gave it to my mum when she went back to Scotland. I now have it and saw the Wembley Quality Ware on the back of the plate. It is a dinner plate size and has an Australian bush scene painted on it with gum trees etc and AUSTRALIA stamped on the right. Was wondering who painted it. Thanks for any information.

  • Hi Perry,all I can tell you is that it is on the 1958 price list so that puts it 47-58,only a few items were date stamped with the year of manufacture and a lack of records does nothing to help.My wife is amongst those who thinks the dhufish is a horrendous item but we do have one as it’s part of the wembley range,to be given one is a bonus as prices are around the $200 mark.

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