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The Australian wildflower collection was illustrated by Philippa Nikulinsky for the species survival trust and manufactured by Australian Fine China in Subiaco,Perth, Western Australia.  Nothing has yet been discovered about the “species survival trust” so should any information be known then please contact the society through the forum page.

It is not known how many sets are in this collection but we can account for nine at present.

The collection consists of :-

Banksia  Cuneata

Eucalyptus  Synandra

Lechenaultia  Pulvinaris

Grevillea  Bracteosa

Cyanicula  Nikulinskyae

Brunonia  Australis

Pandorea  Pandorana

Callistemon  Viminalis

Drosera  Macrantha

Each set is made up of the following :-

1 x Grevillea mug

1 x coaster

1 x Banquet plate (155 mm)