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The Australian wildlife collection was illustrated by Priscilla Parker for the Australian Fine China company in Subiaco,Perth,Western Australia. As far as we know it contains four sets and five mugs and are as follows :-

Stuffed  Again

Naughty  Numbats

Paws,Possums & Pouches

Wily  Wombat

Playful  Platypus

These five of the series were only produced in Aria mugs.

The remaining four are as follows :-

Upa  Gumtree

The  Last  Laugh


Emu  Fantasy

These four consist of :-

1 x Aria mug

1 x Coaster

1 x 205 mm Banquet plate.

*There does seem to be another Australian wildlife collection by the same artist, when & if we get more on this we will let you know*

Tasmanian Tiger has now come to our notice