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282 Responses to Old Forum – Historical Only

  • I have found an eggcup in a brown-maroon colour with Wembley written on the bottom in my cupboard. I can see no mention of egg cups on your site. Could this be a real Wembley piece or not?
    Unfortunately it is not in good shape with a large crack down one side. Would it be worth anything or shall I just dispose of it?
    Wendy T

  • Hi can someone please advise me how i tell if its wembley ware
    I have the man on bench”the man who wouldnt leaf trumps”
    It was my grandmothers, it had abit of wear on it, i just dont know how to tell

  • Hi. I have just listed a piece of Wembley Ware on eBay in the United States. It’s the “Swagman” ashtray. I started the price at $450 US on the advice of an Antique dealer here. Could someone please advise me if I’m close to the true value. It is in excellent condition. I don’t plan on pulling the auction at this time. If it does not sell, I will lower the price next week if so advised. Thank you.

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