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282 Responses to Old Forum – Historical Only

  • I just love the lobster plate! My mother had one as well as a salad bowl and the servers – which of course broke at one point. How I would LOVE to own that bowl and servers now. But am now, starting my own Wembley Ware collection – favouring the “sea” themed objects the most. Love the DUFISH!!! Claire

  • My mum just brought out items her mum owned and used. My daughter just loved the Rabbit platter. Can you tell me anything about it? It is in perfect condition.

    • It’s nice to hear that your daughter loves her great grandmother’s rabbit platter. That’s the thing about Wembley Ware – it’s appeal is across all ages groups and some families have great stories about what the china means to them. Often Wembley Ware was given as a wedding present and platters were used to serve salad or sandwiches.
      The platter with the grey rabbit is not uncommon, however the occasional white rabbit was made and this style is less common.

  • Wembley Ware – just fantastic!

    I am often asked ‘how did you start collecting that stuff?’. But, once I show them the range, the lustre items – the decorative and the functional – it is easy to convince sceptics that they are just fantastic!

    The bonus is you don’t need a lot of money to start collecting some very good quality identifiable pieces. For examples, australian animals, fish, dinner ware …

    You don’t need to be one eyed – you can collect a dozen pieces that all show different aspects of Wembley Ware objects.

    I usually buy things that Ireally like – things that touch my heart – even if they sometimes look a bit unusual (find some Alva paintings of dinner ware).

  • My family just found an owl figurine about 20cm tall, identified inside as wembley. I’ve looked on the internet and there are some owl lamps talked about in relation to wembley, but ours doesn’t have the hole in the top for the lamp… It’s in excellent condition and I was just wondering if you’d be able to give me an estimate as to what the piece might be worth. Thanks.

    • I’m glad you found our Wembley Ware website, and thank you for your comment. I believe the owl was originally made both as an ornament and as a lamp with a shade. Is your OWL in good condition?
      If the owl has no chips, breaks or scratches it will be valuable, especially to a collector of Wembley Ware.
      It is very difficult to actually value items, but what I can suggest is that auction sites like Ebay are a guide to the prices that pieces of Wembley Ware are attracting.
      Have a look at tje Wembley Ware website and you will learn a lot more about this unique china.
      Maybe you will put your owl in the china cabinet and start a collection. Good luck!

  • Gosh Mary – how wonderful to have the vases and know that your Mother and Aunty made them.
    The first is a fan vase and the second from your description sounds like a “bee hive vase” the colours sound gorgeous.
    The third vase sounds like the “branch vase”
    We bought one from a chap about 6 years ago and he called it the “ugly vase!!!!”
    Maybe we will see you in Subi on Saturday the 14th May.
    Lee and Mo

  • I have seen a Wembley Ware sausage dog vase, but I don’t know about the salt & pepper version which you describe.
    I’d love to know the answer to your question too.

  • My aunty was the forewoman and my mother worked with her at Brisbane & Wunderlich. I am looking at 3 vases now that I have, one is a fand shped brown toning to greenish at the top. The sendon is on conical shaped pearlised colour three rings of mauve going up to two rings of pearl green at the top. They both stand about 11″ high. The third is a vase which has a base and then separates into two length vases. Also a pearl finish. What a treasure as I know Mum and my aunty made them. They are all marked wembley quality ware.

  • Great to connect with some other WW lovers. I have a blue dhufish, which I bought in the Fremantle Markets in the late 80′s. But more surprisingly, I found a very odd looking Dhufish vase in a shop in Hobart last year. It is the same size and shape as the orthodox blue variety, but the colour is totally different – purple, black and with gold highlights on the fins. I’d be interested to know if this is a common piece, or a bit of a find. Yrs, -Glen

    • Your second dhufish is definitely not the usual colouring but it sounds quite spectacular with those colours.
      I’d be interested to know whether it has the usual ‘Wembley Ware’ marking on the base. If it has then I think it might be one that the painter experimented on for some reason, or decided to paint differently as I believe the painters did this from time to time. If this is what has happened to your dhufish then it could be a rare find.
      I hope that other collectors with greater knowledge than I have will respond to this query.

  • Hi, $200 is a fair price for the large dhufish in good condition,if you want to have some light hearted reading,go to “gumtree” and type in wembley ware,these type of outlets are always good for a laugh and makes the day seem much brighter.

  • George Clauson who was responsible for some of the Wembley Ware designs – and for introducing a danish influence – was my grandfather. I have a number of pieces (some that may be ‘one off’) that I am interested in selling to a collector. Please provide me with contact details if you are interested in viewing.

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