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  • My grandmother gave me a dhufish vase 27 years ago because she hated it. is there any way of finding out what year it was manufactured?

  • Hi Dianne, Wembley seagulls are not found that often so if you have a set you are a lucky person indeed.Prices will fluctuate from around $300 to $700,more on a good day if they are auctioned and a few people want them,antique shops will give you less because they have to resell them at a profit for themselves.Paul Bisby’s book quotes them being sold on ebay for $750 in 2004 and at that time it would have been the highest price so far,I’m not sure if higher prices have been made since then.In the 50′s & 60′s almost every house had a set of seagulls or ducks adorning a wall in the house but times have changed and they have gone out of fashion,maybe you can help restart the trend ??????

  • i think i have a set of three flying seagulls wembley ware???
    any idea on value for this set

  • Hi Cathie,a nice piece to start a collection especially as it has sentimental value,made in the 1950′s and designed to be colourful and eye catching after the depressing war years.These are not uncommon and look really nice in a glass cabinet but I feel that they are a bit fancy and hard to clean to be actually used for their intended purpose.

  • I have a pink soap dish with a gold fish on it. It was my mother’s and I have no idea how old it is. It has a crown on the bottom and Wembley Quality Ware stamped there too. I brought it back from Scotland after my mother passed away in 2003.

  • So thrilled – have a Lobster Plate in pristine condition from my husband’s (paternal) grandmother (and the “joke” is that his dad picked it from a number of items and just thought “Claire might like this – she likes ‘odd’ things” – having no idea I had covetted this plate for ages!!!
    Now – having received the Wembley Ware Collectors Price Guide (thank you Paul and Katya) and having shown it to Mark’s parents – what do you know – they went to a local auction last weekend and brought me back a Wembley Ware Swan Nut bowl – also in abs.pristine condition. The picked it up for $14 and had a number of people stop them and congratulate them on their purchase saying “what a bargain”.
    So that’s my birthday present from them this year and so they really got a bargain (as would normally spend a lot more on me). I am abs.thrilled and delivered a bunch of flowers to my mother-in-law to say “thanks for spotting it”. What a find!!!
    Next: Dhufish and Fantail vases I think …

    • Congratulations on the latest additions to your WW collection, Claire. Oh what a feeling! You said you fancied the ‘fishy’ pieces so you will be really happy with the lobster. It’s good to know there are still some great prices around too.

  • In reply to Glen Power (April 16th 2011) the dhufish that you describe is most likely made by diana,only the colours differ from wembley.If you check out the ebay site wembley ware,there is an example of the Diana dhufish listed.

  • Hi Linda, tea cups were produced throughout the wembley ware era 1946-1961,they were many different shapes and colours,some two toned,some hand painted and some with transfers and believe it or not some didnt have handles because the factory could not keep up with demand from the armed forces after the war.If that is your first piece of wembley it could be the start of a collection,or a piece to add to your collection,or a great conversation piece.

  • Hi
    Today while walking along the beach in North Qld I found a t-cup burried deep in the sand with Wembley quaility ware written on the bottom. I was very excited and am wondering if you could give me any info on ages of t-cups etc.

  • How do I go about getting my hands on a copy of the Collectors Guide, or perhaps the Museum Wembley Ware book – but ideally the most up to date Guide? Thanks Claire

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